Black Friday Flash Sale

It’s -BER season and just a few more months to go, it’s Christmas but I am sure one of the most awaited events online is the Black Friday flash sale! There are a lot of shops that would surely be having this black Friday sale. From your favorite lines of clothing down to branded shoes, this is definitely the most awaited event of the year as most buyers purchase their Christmas gifts in advance. And if you are looking for great finds, there are so many things can be found online. Whether Read more [...]

Where to Find Guitars in Cebu?

Cebu is known to produce quality guitars. In fact, wherever you go in Cebu, you can see varieties of shops selling different types of guitars. Unlike those sold in malls, if you’ll directly get guitars from Cebu makes, you don’t just be able to get a discount but you also get to choose different types of it. If you are looking for a particular place in the island, Lapu-Lapu City is the best place to prospect for great guitars. Comes with a great selection such as DiPinto Guitars, electric Read more [...]

My Little Man’s 6th Birthday at Harold’s

Time flies so fast. I didn’t notice, that my eldest son is no longer a baby but a kuya already! And this month, he just turned 6. He asked me if we could have a quick celebration at his school since it will fall on weekdays. I didn’t promise him that it is possible since I need to report to my work and at the same time; it is there first grading test. What I just did is that had his wish done but only with a cupcake and a tetra pack of juice per classmate. I don’t have time to cook and it would Read more [...]

Mommy of 3

Sure that reading the title isn’t new to you but how about reading “a single mom of 3?” Yep, that is quite challenging perhaps. It’s quite funny how I ended up having 3 kids without anyone whom I can lean on in tough times. But the reality is that I’d rather be alone raising my kids than be with someone who is an addition to my stress. Being a mom taught me a lot of things in life most especially during the arrival of my little lad – my third baby. Way back 2012, I vowed to close to Read more [...]

Factors in Purchasing Stuff Online

One of the most convenient ways of this era is, perhaps, purchasing or shopping for something online. With the help of technology, one has the option to order whatever s/he wants just using his/her fingertips and that no need for her or him to go somewhere. Indeed, that what makes this era definitely stands out among those that have gone. But of course, there are things to consider, though. When you do online shopping, note that you are risking too. With that being said, it is really essential to Read more [...]
philhealth types of membership

PhilHealth: Types of Membership

If you live in the country, you, surely, know what “PhilHealth” is. But for those who aren’t familiar with it, PhilHealth is a government program created to help every Filipino family of their financial needs during hospitalization. To be able to avail its benefits, you need to be a registered member of the said program. There are 7 types of membership PhilHealth has. These are (a) Members in the Formal Economy, (b) Members in the Informal Economy, (c) Indigent Members, (d) Sponsored Read more [...]

Locks of Love – A Donate Your Hair Project

The Junior Chamber International Philippines – Zugbuana is an all-female leadership training organization dedicated to the development of business and civic leaders. We are now in our 25th year of being a training ground for leadership excellence. JCI Zugbuana continues to be at the forefront of many socio-civic and youth development projects making a name as one of the most dynamic all-ladies' chapters in the Philippines. One of our most exciting projects this year is organizing “Locks Read more [...]

Things to Invest When You Start Online Freelancing

Working online comes with pros and cons. But considering that you are a mom, cons will never be an issue as you can find a solution to it, much more if you are a single mom raising 2 or more kids. There are a lot of things to consider should you transition to working online instead of working in local. And the common ones are the things needed to invest. Yes, just like how businesses work, online freelancing needs to invest as well since it is similar to having your own business. The only difference Read more [...]

The Impact of Keeping Receipts

As I grow older, I didn’t notice that keeping receipts become a habit of mine. Technically, that is because my mom told me that it can be used to help you free from being involved in a serious problem such as not paying on time and so. That may sound confusing still so let me elaborate you what I am trying to point out as to why it is necessary to always keep all your receipts. Receipts have an important role towards keeping ourselves safe from harm. Well, a receipt is a proof that you have Read more [...]

Acer Releases the Liquid Zest Plus Smartphone with the Power to Explore

Today, Acer released its new LTE-enabled Liquid Zest Plus smartphone designed for avid explorers seeking to get the most out of their daily adventures. The 5.5-inch Android 6.0 device expands Acer’s mainstream smartphone range, furthering the company’s commitment to making advanced technology accessible to the everyday user. Superior Battery Life and Features The Liquid Zest Plus features a high-capacity 5,000 mAh battery that offers up to 3 days’ usage to provide extra convenience and Read more [...]