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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hard to Deal With

Life is indeed tough to deal with. Exactly. We always wanted to have the best knowing the fact that we can't have it. For some reasons, they just don't meant for you to have.

I am a mom of my one son and hopefully this May I'll be having my 2nd baby. Well, I am trying to deal with it though it's kind a hard thing in my part since being a single parent to your kids is not a temporary task but indeed a lifetime job. Actually, my ex partner has been there for me yet not through bad times. I don't want to make his image bad to other people but then there are times that you just can't hold that temper you have for almost 3 years of being together and knowing the fact that he never been a good man at all to me except to other people.Yes, he really mean that. He actually show it not just to me but to the entire people who knew about us. And I guess that is indeed the meaning of my life if ever I'll keep pushing myself to him.

And unfortunately, I just realized today how he never appreciate those efforts I've done to save our relationship and the family I am keep on holding on. I feel so helpless and worthless of what this day had gone. It really made me feel how stupid and dumb I am knowing the fact that he would never ever change his attitude. Oh well, I guess it's already time for me to say goodbye of all the hardship I've gone for so long.Those heartbreaks, understandings, hard feelings, and so many heartaches.

And one thing that I should remember..

Promises are meant to be broken. 

I loved him, and I can't deny it yet I'm already tired. Too much heart break he'd done to me, that's enough I guess.. And I should go on with my life instead and fixed everything for my kids. After all, I am still thankful enough of having my kids with me and he never thought of it. He never.

Just a piece of advice, never ever give second chances to those who you think doesn't deserve it.
Importance of Trust: The Second Time Around

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  1. Just pray hard because these are just trials that all people actually go through.


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