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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

Having great new sets of clothing are indeed the nicest remedy a person could have from having stressful days especially to every woman. And with that, I really thanked those online stores and even search engines which do provide great images of trending fashion apparels nowadays. We might not have enough budget to buy ones yet it is already satisfying in our part seeing those beautiful and outrageous clothes in the internet or even magazines. Well, sometimes I get envied with those people who can afford to buy new clothing for themselves thus, if there are chances that offered to me.. I'd definitely grabbed it all! Who else's wouldn't take to? Well, if ever that opportunity falls to me... (oh how I wished.. oh lalala lala) I'd be giving them my ZALORA wishlist!!!

Want to know what are those? Then, take a look! I've got a lot of wishes for myself but as we all know everything comes in limitation (except for eat all you can, hahahaha) thus, only the first things in the list are consider to be checked and if lucky enough, then it would be granted.. (oh how is wished, again... #2 hahaha)

With so much ado, here is one of the items I wished to have for myself this year...

HOV SHIRRED DOLMAN by Mommy Matters 

I choose this to be on my top list since I am already a mom and of course I am promoting breastfeeding too, indeed this blouse is perfectly fit to me. Aside from nursing wear itself, it is indeed fashionable too for moms who just gave birth.

The second one is..

Brown Half Circular Blouse by Shop at lovebird 

Since I'm about to give birth by the month of May, I found this blouse perfect for me and of course very comfortable to wear for sure as it looks like broadly. And whenever I breastfeed my child it would be easier for me to feed him/her wherever we are.

And the third item that is in my list is...

Striped Print Sleeveless Dress by My Dress Room 

I've been an avid fan of dresses since I was still young until now that I have grown up. Well, that simply because it remarked already in my mind that wearing this kind of clothing is the formal way a woman should dress. And aside from that, wearing dresses are perfectly fit for women especially if there important occasions to attend. 

And for my forth choice.. :)

I choose this to be one of the items in my wishlist simply because it perfectly fits to the first 2 blouses I have chosen. Aside from that, it is friendly to look at compare to other types of "shorts". 

And lastly, the last but not the least...

This awesome and sexy heels from Gibi is perfectly nice to pair up in all the items I have in my wishlist (as you can see above..). I don't know what's in this shoe but it really caught my attention and aside from that, I  find it perfect partner to all the apparels I have chosen above. :) Isn't it?

What do you guys think about my wishlist? How about yours? Free to share your thoughts. 

Special thanks to Zalora for the items that I freely posted here as my wishlist. 


  1. Love the shorts! i think it'd look amazing with a plain polo :D

    Good luck!

    1. thanks miss kumiko! I do love the shorts too. ;) ehehehe

  2. I joined this contest too. Unfortunately, I didn't win.


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