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Friday, April 27, 2012

ALS 2011 Passers

Maybe you are wondering why I come up with this post since it doesn't have any connection at all with my blog; yet I am happy to announce to everyone, especially to my readers that I PASSED THE ALS 2011 Exam.

I know some of you don't have idea what ALS could be and some of you are familiar of it, yet don't actually know what is this all about. ALS or Alternative Learning System is a program made of DepEd for out-of-school youths especially those who like to finish their studies in HS/Elem level yet find it hard or in other hand timid in going back to school. This program is open to anyone who have not finished their studies in Elem and HS years thus, if you know anyone who undergo the same situation then tell them about this program!

In my case, I'm not supposed to join this program because I'm about to go back school for my last year level in HS this S.Y. 2012 after giving birth to my son but since I need to wait for a couple of months before getting enrolled back, I was convinced to try the said program. Now, I just saw the result! #iPassed. Instead of enrolling for HS, I can now proceed to College and finish what I've started.

This day, April 27, 2012 is indeed a great day to those people who have received this very wonderful #iPassed they've gotten from DepEd and I'm proud to say..  I'm one of them.

I want to thank Mom, Dad, my siblings, my kids, friends, Miss Emelyn Isaac (Our Teacher in ALS), DepEd (of course), and especially God for giving me this opportunity to proceed on what I've almost lose.


If you know someone who have taken the 2011 ALS Exam you can check out the following sites:

For Elementary Result:

For Secondary Result (A-K):

For Secondary Result (L-Z):

Congratulations to everyone! And to me.. (oh well this calls for a celebration, I guess.. hahaha)

For more inquiries about ALS you can check this site for your reference. :)

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

ANGELINE QUINTO Lives Her Dream Concert Tour in Bacolod

ANGELINE QUINTO lives her Dream Concert Tour in Bacolod, May 12, 2012, University of St. La Salle.

Star Power pop superstar Angeline Quinto brings the dream to the stage of University of St. La Salle Bacolod City on May 12, 2012 to sing her top tracks, "Patuloy ang Pangarap", "Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat Sa Akin", "Mahiwaga", "Saan Darating Ang Umaga", "Hanggang" and more.

From last year's successful concert at The Sky Dome, the first Star Power Grand Champion was the voice behind different drama anthology OST of ABS-CBN's Primetime Drama including "100 Days To Heaven", "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin", "Way Back Home" and more.

ASAP Live's asset and Star Magic's music princess, Angeline Quinto's "Dream Concert Tour" in Bacolod City also features Enchong Dee, Ms. Elizabeth Ramsey, JM De Guzman, Bryan Termulo & Alex Castro) and will be directed by Dido Camara with musical director Marvin Querido. This once-in-a-lifetime event is produced by ASAP Live, Media Nation and That's N-tertainment. Grab your tickets now at University of St. La Salle, Robinsons Bacolod, ABS-CBN and Sky Cable Office.

For ticket inquiries, please contact Patty Ong at 09209528980 or Beth David at 09178546890.

Follow Media Nation on Twitter @medianationinc and Media Nation Facebook.

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My ZALORA Wishlist

Having great new sets of clothing are indeed the nicest remedy a person could have from having stressful days especially to every woman. And with that, I really thanked those online stores and even search engines which do provide great images of trending fashion apparels nowadays. We might not have enough budget to buy ones yet it is already satisfying in our part seeing those beautiful and outrageous clothes in the internet or even magazines. Well, sometimes I get envied with those people who can afford to buy new clothing for themselves thus, if there are chances that offered to me.. I'd definitely grabbed it all! Who else's wouldn't take to? Well, if ever that opportunity falls to me... (oh how I wished.. oh lalala lala) I'd be giving them my ZALORA wishlist!!!

Want to know what are those? Then, take a look! I've got a lot of wishes for myself but as we all know everything comes in limitation (except for eat all you can, hahahaha) thus, only the first things in the list are consider to be checked and if lucky enough, then it would be granted.. (oh how is wished, again... #2 hahaha)

With so much ado, here is one of the items I wished to have for myself this year...

HOV SHIRRED DOLMAN by Mommy Matters 

I choose this to be on my top list since I am already a mom and of course I am promoting breastfeeding too, indeed this blouse is perfectly fit to me. Aside from nursing wear itself, it is indeed fashionable too for moms who just gave birth.

The second one is..

Brown Half Circular Blouse by Shop at lovebird 

Since I'm about to give birth by the month of May, I found this blouse perfect for me and of course very comfortable to wear for sure as it looks like broadly. And whenever I breastfeed my child it would be easier for me to feed him/her wherever we are.

And the third item that is in my list is...

Striped Print Sleeveless Dress by My Dress Room 

I've been an avid fan of dresses since I was still young until now that I have grown up. Well, that simply because it remarked already in my mind that wearing this kind of clothing is the formal way a woman should dress. And aside from that, wearing dresses are perfectly fit for women especially if there important occasions to attend. 

And for my forth choice.. :)

I choose this to be one of the items in my wishlist simply because it perfectly fits to the first 2 blouses I have chosen. Aside from that, it is friendly to look at compare to other types of "shorts". 

And lastly, the last but not the least...

This awesome and sexy heels from Gibi is perfectly nice to pair up in all the items I have in my wishlist (as you can see above..). I don't know what's in this shoe but it really caught my attention and aside from that, I  find it perfect partner to all the apparels I have chosen above. :) Isn't it?

What do you guys think about my wishlist? How about yours? Free to share your thoughts. 

Special thanks to Zalora for the items that I freely posted here as my wishlist. 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer is definitely more fun with NIVEA SUN! My top summer wonder is Boracay

All my life I've been dreaming of visiting other places in the Philippines and in my top list is Boracay. And you should not asked me why.. lol. Well, it's everyone's first choice in terms of where to spend their vacation especially those who haven't get into that place just like me.

I never had a chance to go there yet but hopefully if ever time comes, I would explore the whole island and experience the best in the place. I have heard a lot of nice things in the said vacation place and I can't wait to experience it too. 

Photo courtesy of

I have a lot of friends who just come and go in the place, and I totally envied them. :( Oh well, things happened if it is meant to us, right? So, still I'm not hopeless to have a chance experiencing this soon. 

Boracay is one of the best places tourists and even us, Filipinos could visit because of its natural beauty has to offer to everyone. And it is indeed should be part of 7 Summer Wonders of the Philippines and to be exact, it should be topped! 

Photo courtesy of

There are plenty views people could see in Boracay and of course there are varieties of activities held in the place and so no one fails to enjoy their vacation there. And that is what I would like to experience just for once, well it would be nicer if not just twice, thrice but a lot of times.. (oh how i wished)

How about you, what place you would like to visit this summer? Oh any plans in visiting Bora too? 

Want to have exciting awesome deets this summer? Then head over to NIVEA Philippines' facebook page to know more!

"Join the on-going Nivea Philippines 7 Summer Wonders contest on FB and get a chance to win NIVEA Sun gift packs, Charina Sarte swimwear, SONY products or a trip for 2 to the Ultimate Summer Wonder! Just click to join and vote now!"

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Summer is one of the best season to celebrate with! Why? There are lots of deets to be given away.. There are plenty of bloggers who do host giveaways and one of those bloggers I knew is Post Its! Yeah, she's hosting a giveaway which ladies love to have especially this summer..

Want to know it? Then here it is!!!!

Since it's there first blog anniversary, they are giving lots, lots, lots of love to their followers!! Want to gain entries on how to get these awesome prizes? Then go to the giveaway post to know more.. :) 

So what are you guys waiting for? Join now!

Good luck!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nuffnang is Coming to Cebu

It's almost a year since I started blogging, and I owe that to my fellow sisters who have been addicted in online contests and of course those friends I just met online for convincing me to make a blog. That is simply because I have earned a lot of opportunities and chances in cyber and in real world thus, having what I have right now is I totally owed to my friends' suggestions and advises. As one way of thanking, I would like to acknowledge Nuffnang PH for being part of it too.

Now that they'll be visiting Cebu, I want to take the chance to meet them and get to know more about the company which has been part of my blog since I started monetizing it. And I can't wait to meet and greet them personally. Oh well, that is if ever I'd be given a chance to. 

So much for that, since they're coming in our place, of course if given a chance to tour them I'd probably bring them in one of the famous place in Cebu, and that is in Simala. 

Photo courtesy of:

Well, that will be on my top list since Simala is one of the sacred places to visit in Cebu and of course it's view as well. Surely, those who love to go in a peaceful and beautiful place in Cebu, indeed Simala is the perfect spot to visit. Aside from Simala, of course there are plenty of tourist's spots Cebu can offer such as Taoist Temple...

Photo courtesy of

Mactan Island..

Photo courtesy of

and so much more to see. In order to satisfy them, I'll be giving my 100% best to provide them good quality of service and of course leave them a smile on their faces after the whole day of touring them in Cebu! And I'm sure they wouldn't regret of choosing me as their tour guide. 

Well, how about you? What can you offer if ever you'd ever given a chance to?

Will you grab the opportunity? Why not! 

Want to meet and greet them, then it's your chance to be invited! To know more on how to get a chance, then visit them at

Good luck!

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TV5's Kanta Pilipinas Updates

Breakout and breakthroughs at SM City Batangas the last on-ground audition

The last streak may just be it. TV5's newest and biggest singing reality search Kanta Pilipinas held its last on-ground auditions April 20-21 at SM City Batangas. The last opportunity to get approval from Inspirational Diva Ms. Jamie Rivera, award-winning musical arranger/composer Mr. Jimmy Antiporda and Talent Manager Ms. Maristel Sempedro was quite tough with more than 247 aspirants. Ms. Nini Matilac, Head for TV and Film of Futuretainment Inc., joined in selecting the best talents for the show.  Like what they have done in Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Davao, Baguio, Iloilo and SM North auditions, hopefuls were given tips and suggestions on how to improve their performances and what best to do next time they try to audition in other contests and programs. Since looks are not enough to get in any singing reality shows, those who failed auditions in previous on-ground auditions determined to try their luck on the last on-ground auditions at SM City Batangas. Some aspirants who followed the judges' suggestions and criticisms made it and some did not despite the long travel from other regions. With four audition judges arguing on points to consider for each contestants who tried luck on stage, the decisions were sometimes unanimous and magnanimously split. A blind choir singer traveled all the way from Quezon City and wowed the judges while a girl from Zamboanga made the judges awe at her performance. There were also groups and performances who were so great on the first day and failed to get in the final list on the call-back auditions. Wrong choice of songs and missing soul in performances made some aspirants cry on stage but grateful for the experience after.  Just when the crowd was set to leave the audition came a beautiful lady from Quezon City who wowed the judges with her appearance and voice quality. The last on-ground auditions drama continued with the call-backs from where 48 in the list cut down to 29. The judges found it difficult to eliminate some contestants whose voice quality was compared to those seen in international singing reality searches. Audition Judge Mr. Jimmy Antiporda provided some contestants piano musical arrangement to those with wrong choices for the last chance to get the approval of the judges. Some made it and some did not. What will happen next? The excitement continues as the next firsts of Kanta Pilipinas will unveil next week! Don't miss your last chance to get in TV5's biggest and newest singing reality search. Online auditions deadline is until April 26, 2012 so keep submitting your entries. Kanta mo, Kwento mo Kapatid! Soon on TV5! For more updates, like the Facebook Page of Kanta Pilipinas at and follow us also on Twitter @Kanta_Pilipinas. 

Hair-raising songs and stories loom TV5’s Kanta Pilipinas auditions in CDO, CEBU and DAVAO

Set to conquer the Summer Capital of the Philippines tomorrow and the following weeks (IloIlo, Manila and Batangas), TV5’s Kanta Pilipinas continues to scour the country in search of the next big star able to make the nation sing.

The Dream from Cagayan De Oro

With 180 registrants last Feb. 24, 2012 in SM City Cagayan De Oro reaching the cities of Iligan, Misamis and Cagayan, 76 hopefuls were called back and only 37 passed the judges’.  Filipino pop songs became the favorite rendered on the stage with many who rendered the Grammy Award winning songs of Adele and Whitney Houston, hopefuls came from different communities and barangays. Inspirational Diva and audition judge Ms. Jamie Rivera was excited to listen to the stories of the Cagay-anons. Award winning Cross Genre Composer, Arranger, Producer Mr. Jimmy Antiporda raised eyebrows asking a couple who sang on the stage. “May conflict ba yan?” relating to the girl singer and pianist boyfriend as he was alluded in the same shoe with Ms. Jamie Rivera in the past. Ms. Maristel Sampedro became the comic relief throwing funny comments at gays impersonating Whitney Houston on the stage. What astounded the judges and onlookers was the ex-convict contestant who vented denouncing his past as a former member of the Akyat-Bahay gang. There was also one with 11 siblings living in different parts of Mindanao hoping to be reunited with dreams through Kanta Pilipinas.

Cebuanos wow TV5’s Kanta Pilipinas judges

Fun and more fun of TV5’s Kanta Pilipinas’ call for the nation continued in Cebu last March 2, 2012. Hosted by Jhai’Ho, the event center of SM CITY CEBU filled the mall with 424 registrants and more than a thousand onlookers and mall-goers when TV5’s Kanta Pilipinas began the auditions. Audition Judges Ms. Jamie Rivera, Erickson Raymundo and Mr. Vehnee Saturno entertained the crowd with their comments and reactions. Interesting songs and stories unveiled like a girl from Surigao who won a local contest in her province was sponsored by the Mayor to go to Cebu to audition so she can fly to Manila to look for her Dad whom she never met. The humble dream to be reunited with the father was referred as “Taong-Grasa”. Ms. Jamie Rivera tried to enliven the spirit of the sobbing participant, “Kung ang tatay mo taong grasa, alam ko kung ano ka (Baby Oil”? which the mob appreciated. Cornerstone Talent Management Center Head Mr. Erickson Raymundo pushed the inspiration more with his comments, “Bigay mo na lahat ng Kaya mo, Buwis Buhay na ito”.  Another pupil-dilating story was a girl who has Retinitis Pigmentosa (a rare disease suffering from loss of sight at night), a girl born with hairlip but can now sing and a girl who want to give honor to her island (referring to Siargao). From the 424 registrants, 51 hopefuls were called back the next day and only 16 passed to get to Manila.

Judges awe at DavaoeƱos

Adele and Whitney were still the national anthem among contestants along with other standards and OPM pop songs like Angeline Quinto’s Patuloy ang Pangarap in SM CITY DAVAO last March 10, 2012. Hosted by the perky and lively Jhai Ho, TV5’s Kanta Pilipinas in SM CITY DAVAO became the talk of the town especially after the last calamity struck in the province. Giving hope to all DavaoeƱos, Ms. Jamie Rivera, Mr. Jimmy Antiporda and Mr. Erickson Raymundo enjoyed the performances of Davao hopefuls. From the roster of 378 registrants coming from the cities of GenSan, Cotabato, Sarangani and other outskirts, 46 contestants were given another chance to get the judges’ attention the next day. There was one welder who stood out despite his looks rendering an unforgettable performance and a farmer who dreamt of having his own land. Stories of broken families and living with stepfather were cognizant to the other contestants’ sorrows except for an interesting unemployed young man who makes a living out of singing earning his talent from his disabled grandfather. Ms. Jamie Rivera had a hard time choosing who will go to the next level after consecutive outstanding performances of the hopefuls. At the end of the second day call-back auditions, 22 hopefuls from Davao made it in the list of eliminations.

The call for the nation to sing continues in SM CITY BAGUIO tomorrow and SM North EDSA on March 30. TV5’s Kanta Pilipinas on-ground auditions will commence on April 20, 2012 in SM City Batangas. Don’t miss your chance to shine with #Kanta_Pilipinas

The looks and the talent soar in Baguio

TV5's newest singing reality search, Kanta Pilipinas held auditions at the Summer Capital of the country, Baguio City. The nationwide search for the country's biggest talent brought more crowd witnessing the Ilocanos take the stage with formidable and truly exceptional celebrity judges, award winning Cross Genre Composer, Arranger, Producer Mr. Jimmy Antiporda, Power belter Ms. Bituin Escalante and Cornerstone Talent Management Head, Mr. Erickson Raymundo. Powerful songs sung and interesting stories unfolded with more than 193 registrants who tried and participated. Perky and crowd-attraction Jhai'Ho opened the program with dynamic song and dance boosting more confidence of the contestants. Compared to the former auditions, the hopefuls in Baguio did not choose Adele's songs and stuck to standards and classics. Onlookers and mall-goers were drawn to the stage as many hopefuls look truly exceptional and pleasing. Was the looks enough to get the vote of the judges? Ms. Bituin Escalante was teased in the middle of the auditions to sample what would be "giving all you've got" performance. Singing while sitting, more audience were thrilled and captivated at our country's power belter's rendition of Alicia Key's "If I Ain't Got You". Distinct and unforgettable stories that inspired the songs of the hopefuls include a battered teenager who would hide in different places of the house all the time. An interesting twin was astounding with the song and the story sharing how their father had always taken their income in singing. Battery stories continued with one who is always hand-cuffed by the father getting inspiration and passion to sing from the struggles. The stories behind the songs brought the others to the next level. From a batch of 193 registrants, 43 were called back and only 16 was given the recognition to compete with the nation when Kanta Pilipinas begins airing on July. Was the looks or the drama enough to take them to the next step? Will they be fortunate to compete for the final list? These and more we have all to look forward with Kanta Pilipinas which will be airing on TV5 soon!

The discerning exceptional performances from Iloilo

TV5's Kanta Pilipinas brought the Filipino pride, musical tourism set to promote the country's local talents in the City of Love, Iloilo last March 23-24, 2012. If it was so easy for the contestants in other regional audition venues to come to the stage and bring the house down with their confidence, the Ilonggos were so nitpicky and conservative supporting the hopefuls who had more talent than stories. This time, the country's considered RnB Siren Ms. Arnee Hidalgo joined our panel of judges, Cornerstone Talent Management Head, Mr. Erickson Raymundo and award-winning cross genre composer, arranger and producer Mr. Jimmy Antiporda selecting the country's top local performers in SM City Iloilo. The songs took over the stories with more outstanding performances of Ilonggos on the stage. One of the most unforgettable hopeful was a young teenager who sang a Jovit Baldivino's "Too Much Love Will Kill You' dedicating the song to his girlfriend who died of leukemia. Another hopeful from Boracay composed his own songs and a product of broken family who longs for his father's love with his songs. The inspiring stories that created more color and passion to the song wowed the judges in Iloilo. From among the few registrants, almost half were called back the following day and the final list  from Ilonggo were 16 lucky hopefuls who will vie their chances in Manila soon. Were the stories more powerful than the songs? We have too much to look forward with TV5's Kanta Pilipinas as more performances will unfold in the upcoming auditions set on March 30 at SM City North EDSA and April 20 in SM City Batangas. The excitement continues with the country's biggest and newest singing talent search that's truly Filipino, Kanta Pilipinas, soon to be airing on TV5! Let the song uplift the nation with Kanta Pilipinas! We all believe that Filipinos are the best singers in the world! Tara na! Kanta mo, Kwento mo, Kapatid #Kanta_Pilipinas!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Potato Twister

Potato is one of the best vegetables I love ever since when I was a kid. I also love different veges, yet potato is on top of the list. And I don't wonder why lots of companies of junk foods prefer potato chips rather than other type of veges.

Just this day; my son, my sister and my 2 other siblings went with me in plaza. We stroll the kids there since it's been a week the last time we take them out at home. And part of it is food tripping. Of course, since we have the kids with us we bought them food that they like such as chocolate drink and cookies. As an adult, we prefer to eat adult foods (lol, I mean food that is not good for kids at all). Just the time we take them in a bread store nearby, we saw a stall that sells potato twister.

Photo courtesy of

This is the first time I have tried the product and it is indeed wow and it tastes pretty good. Well, I don't know what health benefits we can get out of it yet what I am sure of is that it doesn't contain any chemicals compare to usual junk foods we consume (that depends on what type of flavoring is used to taste)Potato twister comes into three flavors: barbecuesour cream and cheese. We bought 2 servings of it and we choose barbecue and cheese flavor in our order. My son wanted to try it out so what I did, I gave him a piece and after tasting, he asked for more. I'm not supposed to give him yet I don't want him to throw tantrums and so, again, I failed to stop him from eating potato twister. He really loves it so much and even myself too. 

Eating it is like eating junk foods, especially if it is freshly fried because the crispiness of it you'll surely love. Oh well, if ever I can buy this anywhere whenever I want to, I prefer to have this rather than other junk foods that claims to be made out of potatoes. Why not? We don't know how junk foods are made of while potato twister is purely made of fresh potato and not just that, people can even see how it has been fried too. I've been dying to try this one and luckily just this day it happened! 

I don't know whose idea is this but I salute that person. It is indeed a perfect business to dig in. Have you ever tried this one yet? If not, at least you knew about this, I guess. It is already known here in our place and I believe in your place too. 

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Firmoo: Vision and Fashion the Frugal Way

NEW YORK, April 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- A month ago, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) published a piece of news about purchasing eyeglasses online; a month later, this news has already been commented on by thousands of people. With the rise of purchasing eyeglasses online, more and more eyeglass wearers have begun to focus their attention on it. However, with regard to buying eyewear online, some support it while others still have doubts about it. What has turned numerous eyeglass wearers from traditional brick-and-mortar eyeglass stores to online ones? Firmoo's slogan tells you everything: Vision and Fashion the Frugal Way.

Most eyeglasses wearers have purchased eyeglasses at traditional eyeglass stores. Nevertheless, due to the limited styles and unaffordable prices, consumers have had to regard eyeglasses as a medical tool used to correct vision instead of a fashion accessory. But now, with the emergence of online eyeglass shopping, we can get fashionable eyeglasses at reasonable prices. Among the many online eyeglass stores, Firmoo, which combines fashion and economy, is undoubtedly the most outstanding one.

As we all know, we usually have to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of glasses at brick-and-mortar eyeglass stores. Yet, you can get the same pair of glasses from online eyeglass stores at a fraction of the price. For this reason, buying glasses online is, so to speak, quite an economical way to get eyeglasses. Among the numerous online optical stores, Firmoo is the most economic one. Customers can usually get their beloved glasses at a price that is up to 90% lower than that in brick-and-mortar eyeglass stores.

Furthermore, new customers can even get their first pair for FREE there. Some people may doubt the quality, safety, durability, etc. of eyeglasses purchased online, but there is no need to worry when purchasing from Firmoo. Firstly, all glasses provided by Firmoo are carefully manufactured by skilled workers and are strictly inspected by professional opticians before shipment, thus ensuring the quality and safety of glasses; secondly, Firmoo has developed a try-on tool for customers to try their beloved eyeglasses on so as to see how they look on them; thirdly, Firmoo has a customer service team that has always been committed to offering their valued customers the best service; lastly, all glasses available at Firmoo are provided by their affiliated factory, which is why they can offer eyeglasses at such a low price.

"We have dozens of affiliated eyeglasses factories which enable us to provide our customers with the most affordable eyeglasses around because there are no middlemen in between. Meanwhile, we have devoted ourselves to providing our valued customers with fashionable and aesthetic eyeglasses," said Patrick Li, Firmoo's CEO.

Compared with purchasing eyeglasses at brick-and-mortar eyeglass stores, purchasing eyeglasses online is not only more economical but also enables customers to select from more fashion elements. This is due to Firmoo meticulously picking several hundred classic styles from thousands of eyeglass models.
Firmoo CEO Patrick Li also added, "Our team has selected hundreds of classical and fashionable styles in order to save time for our customers when they are picking eyeglasses."
So what do online eyeglass stores bring to us? We believe the answer is fashion and frugality.
For more details about how to get fashionable and economical glasses from Firmoo, please visit:

About Firmoo is an emerging global online eyeglass store offering prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Years of expertise in the optical industry have enabled to offer a variety of high quality prescription eyeglasses to the public at affordable prices. Firmoo is devoted to offering high quality eyeglasses, competitive prices and thoughtful customer service. Only our valued and satisfied customers can further solidify our position as the leading online eyeglass store in the world. For Firmoo's Online Optical Store, user satisfaction is always the highest priority.
For more details about Firmoo, please visit firmoo

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chocolate Treat: Villa del Conte

Chocolate is said to be the best food to eat if a person is sad, stressed and most of all heart broken. Do you guys have an idea why it is so? Well, I don't actually know what could be the reason but base on my experience, every time I eat chocolates, I tend to forget all my problems simply because I enjoy eating it much!

Oh well, so much for that I would like to share to you what I have gotten this month of April. Actually, I'm supposed to get this on March but due to schedule issues I wasn't able to get it on time. This has been awarded to me simply by being the 1000th liker of their page in facebook! Isn't that cool? I just liked their page and instantly, viola! I've got a free treat from them. I know you guys find this intriguing, well for you to know what chocolate it is, I'll reveal it now....

It's Villa del Conte!

image source:

It's Villa del Conte. I know you guys knew this brand and if not, then better know them.. Oh well, yes I received one box for free!!! My siblings and I and even my son loved it so much. I also shared it to my friends, and they really fell in love with it too. 

This is a story that spans three generations. The making of this confectionary masterpiece started with the hands of Nazzareno Cattapan whose pioneering spirit and passion for creating only the finest cioccolato gave birth to a thriving craft. For us at Villa del Conte, chocolate is not just a resplendent dessert but also an edible art form.
It is in the idyllic rural locale of Villa Del Conte in Padova, Italy where they create their artisanal chocolates. Much like an heirloom, each recipe is passed on from father to son. Nazzareno bequeathed the cioccolato legacy to his son, Orfeo Celestino who in turn, also passed it on to his. Today, at the helm of the operations is the third-generation cioccolato connoisseur Enrico Nazzareno.

For 75 years now, they have been making traditional fine chocolates handcrafted by their artisans in their factory in Italy. With decades of experience in their craft, they make sure that premium ingredients go into each cioccolatini so that every bite is seeping with sumptuous flavors that only authentic, first-grade chocolates can offer.

It was my first time to try out the product and it is indeed indulging. I even asked my siblings what they can say and one of my brothers told me that; of all the chocolates he had tasted, Villa del Conte is one of the bests chocolates he had tried out. And I honestly tell you this one, HE'S NOT JOKING! It is indeed.

Villa del Conte comes with different flavors corresponding to its wrapper and of course to its shape/s. What I have received is Praline Balls and Praline Sticks. You can check out below the flavors of each. (I wasn't able to take a picture of my reward because of same reason, NO CAMERA again. lol.)

I have tried all the Praline Balls and Sticks except for Ovicini and Gianduia. Oh well, hopefully if ever time comes that I can visit them soon, I would try them out for sure. lol. 

Among the Praline Balls I have tasted what I love the most is the one wrap in silver (dark chocolate with hazelnut and cereals) and the one in red wrapper too (dark chocolate with macadamia cream filling). And of course in Praline Sticks, the one that is wrapped in white wrapper (milk chocolate with banana cream filling) and as well the one that is wrapped in red (milk chocolate with strawberry cream filling). hmm.. nom, nom, nom.. I'm craving again for this.. 

Villa del Conte comes into simple yet very passionate packaging.

image source:
It comes from smallmedium and large sizes and I have received the medium size with 24 pieces of different flavors of chocolates in the box. I really like their packaging aside from it's appearance, it has a good quality too that it can be used for any other purposes.

Aside from that, they are open for custom chocolates and packaging in accordance on the theme or celebration people requests for. Not just that, they'll also be launching new flavors in store like watermelonwhiskey mocha and salted toffee soon. And I'm sure those who have been an avid fan of the brand would surely can't wait to taste their new flavors soon! You can visit their stores at 3F, Shangri-La Plaza Mall;
2F, Greenbelt5; 3F, Trinoma and Ground Floor Resorts World Manila.

How about you, have you tried one already? So what's your favorite flavor?

Oh by the way, special thanks to: Miss Shey Mazon of Villa del Conte and Miss Gladys of Anzani Store in Cebu and of course,  for the medium box of chocolates.

The Verdict:
Taste: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Price: 4/5

Villa del Conte
3F, Shangri-La Plaza Mall; 2F Greenbelt5; 3F, Trinoma; Ground Floor Resorts World Manila; Seasonal kiosk: G/F Ayala Center Cebu

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Firmoo Summer Giveaway (CLOSED)

Summer 2012 is here! And I'm pretty sure everyone is excited on where to spend their vacation, ayt? :))

Oh well, since it's summer already (here in the Philippines), I have something for everyone that surely completes your vacation in the beach or anywhere that you could use in your daily activities under the sun!!!

You Got No Gee and Firmoo is giving away 20 regular sunglasses to 20 lucky people who will join this second giveaway!!!

Yes, you read it right!!! There will be 20 lucky winners who could take home regular sun glasses only from Firmoo Global Optical!!!

Since I feel like so generous, then I'll make the mechanics very simple to everyone! :)

Mandatory: (For Bloggers)
1. Like Firmoo Online Optical Store and You Got No Gee's facebook pages.

2. Go to this site: http://www. firmoo. com/wrap-around-rx-sunglasses.html and choose one pair of sunglasses you wanted to have and make a blog post contains 200-300 words explaining why you love the said item.

 Go to this site: and choose one pair of sunglasses you wanted to have and make a blog post contains 50-100 words or more explaining why you love the said item.
(make sure to include the photo of it linking back to Firmoo's Official Site.)

3. Get this code and put it in your sidebar:

4. Fill up this form:

5. Viola! You're now included in the raffle!
Good luck!

Mandatory: (For Non-Bloggers)
1. Like Firmoo Online Optical Store and You Got No Gee's facebook pages.

2. Go to this site: http://www. firmoo. com/wrap-around-rx-sunglasses.html and choose one pair of sunglasses you wanted to have and make a post using the NOTE section in your facebook account containing at least 200-300 words 50-100 words or more with an explanation why you love the said item. (make sure to include the photo of it linking back to Firmoo's Official Site.

3. Include this photo: in your post and link it back to this giveaway. Here's an example post:

Include this badge in your note post:

(the sample post only gives you idea on how to post the badge, please take note and make sure it is open to public so that it will not be forfeited.)

4. Fill up this form:

5. Viola! You're now included in the raffle.
Good luck!

This giveaway is open to all the people who are currently staying in the following countries: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Papau New Guinea, UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden,Netherland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Malta, Luxembourg, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, South Korean, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Indonesia, Poland, Czech, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Iceland.

This giveaway will run from April 10, 2012 (GMT+8) until April 30, 2012 (GMT+8)


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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Know More About Milkita and Get Exciting Free Treats

Does any member of your family, preferably kids, is celebrating his or her birthday a month after you read this? Do you want to received a free treat on his or her special day? If so, why not grab the opportunity to get a chance to win awesome bragging treats only from Milkita Lollipops!!!

Yes, for free! Well, if you don't have idea what Milkita is, then here is a brief review on what kind of lollipop it is.

Milkita is a type of lollipop which contains Real Milk, with calcium, less sugar and most of all Low Fat! This lollipop is definitely unique compare to other candies as this is very friendly to kids and kids at heart!  Aside from giving healthy benefits out of consuming it, of course it also satisfy every one who tastes it as this is very delicious as well!

Milkita Lollipop comes into three flavors. Yes, you read it right! These are:


I have tried it for myself and I'm pretty sure that you'll love it as how I do! My siblings and my son as well loved it too. 

Here is a short knowledge that you should know about MILKITA!!!


3pcs of Milkita Lollipops = One (1) Glass of Milk

7pcs of Milkita Candies = One (1) Glass of Milk

So moms and dads out there, what else would you prefer if a lollipop like MILKITA could give your kids healthy benefits and enjoyment? 

Want to received a free treat on your kids/nephews/nieces or younger siblings on his or her birthday? Why not join in in Milkita Lollipop's Monthly Free Treats?!

This free treat is open to anyone who is celebrating his or her birthday (1 to 12 years old kids only).

They've been so generous for almost 2 years now and I'm so happy to let you know that we've been participating in this giveaway for that succeeding years they have!

You can even check out our first free treat at:

(this is the first treat of milkita during Troy's 2nd bday)

While the second treat just happened last March 28, 2012. Take a look here:

Robby Troy and my son. :) 2012

For the second time, Milkita made Robby Troy's Bday unforgettable! So much for that, going back on how to get these free treats, then read the mechanics on how to get a chance to celebrate with Milkita! :)

Milkita Kiddie Birthday Treat Mechanics

Mechanics: as of 2011

Hi everyone!!! Thanks for visiting our Fan Page & joining our Milkita Kiddie Birthday Treat Promo.
Please check out the New Mechanics for our Milkita Kiddie Birthday Treat Program, effective immediately.This promo is open to all kids nationwide (Philippines).

1. Ten (10) winners of the Milkita Birthday treat will be chosen every month and they . will receive Milkita Freebies for their respective parties.
2. Another 15 entries will also be chosen to win consolation prizes every month.
3. To qualify, the entries must have a kid celebrating his/her 1st to 12th Birthdays only. The celebration should only be a Birthday Party (NO Baptism, 6th month birthday celebration etc.) The potential winners are required to fax or e-mail a scanned copy of the Birth Certificate for verification.
4. The entries must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the Birthday, or a month ( 4 weeks ) prior to the celebration (if the celebration is on a later date than the actual Birthday). This is to allow the committee to properly screen the entries and verify qualifications/requirements.
5. Participants must have a facebook account and must become a Fan of Milkita Facebook Fan Page. Also, participants are required to post the following information on Milkita Facebook Fan Page Wall:
a. birth date of the celebrant
b. venue of the party (including City)
c. number of invited guests
d. date of celebration
NOTE: Every facebook account can only submit a maximum of 2 entries. If more entries were submitted, only the first 2 will be considered, unless the first entries did not win or got disqualified.
6. Potential winners will be contacted through e-mail and must reply not later than 2 weeks prior to celebration. Otherwise , his/her entry will qualify only for consolation prizes or will be completely disqualified. Provincial entries must strictly follow the 2 week cut- off.
7. Potential winners must give a minimum of 2 contact persons and numbers for recording purposes.
8. Monthly winners and Consolation Prize Winners are required to upload pictures of the birthday celebration on Milkita Fan Page as well as her own facebook account not later than a week after celebration.

Hurry! Send your entry & enjoy Milkita / Unican Freebies. Good luck every one! Enjoy Milkita!!!

To join, be fan of them in facebook at:
Or you can add their personal facebook acct at:


The post written here are all mine and never been paid for doing so. :)

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Healthy Treat for Robby's 3rd Bday

Yay! Another year has passed by, and our younger brother just celebrated his 3rd Birthday last March 28, 2012. It was so grateful to think that we just surpassed the time that they said he wouldn't reached this age. And luckily, we just did and he's growing healthy and kicking!

Now, in his 3rd year birthday we would like thank Milkita Lollipops and Chedz Cake for the free treat they just gave to my brother. Yay!!! 

Well, too bad we haven't celebrated it with a big party since mom's allotment haven't arrived on time. Oh well, still we're happy that we just successfully celebrate it in a simple way. 

Troy and Chedz's Cake and of course Milkita Treats!

My brother and my son. :)

Chedz Cake

Thank you so much Milkita for the Treats!!!

Troy enjoying his treats from Milkita!

Milkita Treats!

Just a small gathering with my family and selected friends. :)

First and foremost, we would like to thank God for giving us Troy in our lives and of course for keeping him healthy all times and very kind kid. And of course, to mom and dad who are always there for us in good and in bad times. And of course, Milkita Lollipops for the free treats and Chedz Cake for the Mango Cake. :)

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