Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


As another year is about to unfold, I would like to thank my avid readers for continuously supporting my blog and so as my newly opened blog site – the Gessa Condino Blog. I know that my New Year’s Resolution way back 2015 for 2016 wasn’t been a success, but even though I had a different fate as what I have hoped for, I am still grateful for what I have earned this year.

To start it off, I would like to address this one to my readers for continuously supporting my blog. And with that, I wish you all to have a happy and prosperous New Year to come. I hope you also had a wonderful Christmas celebration last 25th.merry-xmas

Anyhow, here are the things I am very much thankful as well of despite the negative vibes this year had brought me:

Completing back my family. I lost them once and I don’t want them to lose again. And for the failure relationship I have had, thank you for bringing me back closer to my family.

My little lad. Bringing you for 9 months isn’t a joke. It may have been a tough journey bearing you all the way but it was all worth it and thanks for being that tough, little buddy!

Reconciliation to long lost friends. I may have had received bad news throughout this year but I am still thankful that I needed to go through all those to be able to gain what I have lost years ago.

Becoming a part of several teams. There may be doors that have closed but sure that I don’t want to miss any doors that are willing to open just for me. And I am more than blessed to become part of several teams this year.

Health is wealth. Despite the stress and the entire struggle, this year hasn’t been that bad after all. I am thankful to God for keeping us healthy throughout this year. I am sure that you do too!

For 2017, I am sure that it wouldn’t be easy but I hope that we will all survive for all the trials that will come. Happy New Year, everyone!

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