New Year’s Resolution 2017

It’s quite funny how we all create our New Year’s Resolution (NYR)and we end up doing nothing about it as soon as the old year folds. But this time, I am making a challenge for myself. And that is keeping a track of the progress of my NYR.

I will be listing down my 5 New Year’s Resolution for 2017 and will keep you posted about its progress every month. This is to monitor if I am doing it or not. Well, I have something in mind should I miss or forget to do it. Most probably, I’ll conduct a giveaway every time I fail to make a progress of my NYR. Prizes will solely be paid by me and that no way sponsored by anyone. And I am pretty sure that’s fair enough.

So to make the long story short, here are my 5 NYR for 2017.

Keep my blogs updated. I have been promising myself to keep my blogs active but I always fail. So this 2017, my goal is to keep my blog up to date. Every month, I should have at least 10 posts to make – I know, that’s a lot! But hey, it’s a challenge to make. So I guess, I should start thinking about what to post then. That would be both for my 2 blogs.

Get rid of backlogs as much as possible. I am starting my journey in getting rid of backlogs. It’s always been a problem of mine ever since. I don’t get deliver output on time. So this 2017, I promise myself to do things on time or earlier than its due date.


Earn certificate by unlocking new skills. Since a good friend shared with me one of her sources to learning new skills, I am taking advantage of it. And every month, I will be sharing the certificate of every course I take. I estimate of scoring at least 12 certificates in total for a year. That means 12 different courses. So pray for me. LOL

Lessen the use of Social Media Sites. I always get frustrated whenever I see myself watching awesome videos on Facebook. You know, those memes and other related videos. This 2017, I want to lessen my exposure to those. I will be limiting my Facebook usage into 2 hours a day. Kaya ko pa kaya? LOL

Save. It’s been years since I started working but never in my life had I got the chance to save money from my earnings! To think, I have cut my expenses by moving in back to mom and dad’s place. Well, this 2017, I am challenging myself to do it now or else, this habit will really put me in danger. So there you go, every NYR I have here, its progress will be reported monthly so you can help me track of my success/failure for this year.

Good luck to me! How about you? I’d love to read your NYRs too!

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