Eco PureTech Trading: Maker of Eco-Friendly Hotel Supplies

Eco PureTech Trading Hotel Supplies

One of the things I personally consider when it comes to consuming products is the materials being used particularly when it comes to hotel supplies and needs. With the big issue concerning to our environment today, opting for eco-friendly products is what we should focus on using instead.

There are a lot of businesses today that are using disposable stuff particularly for establishments that are patronized by many such as hotels and restaurants. And I admire those establishments that are considering products that are purely made of eco-friendly materials.

The Finding

I come across to a particular website one day when I was asked by my boss to find leads which line business is all about eco-friendly products. As I go through finding leads, I bumped into a website which is locally based here in the Philippines. I am not really aware that there are businesses functioning in the country that produce products harmless to our environment not until I get to check this site. It was Eco PureTech Trading which is locally based in Cagayan de Oro. I thought before that most products that claimed to be made of eco-friendly materials are imported from other countries like the leading ones particularly China and Japan. But boy, this is something new to me indeed!

Eco PureTech Trading hotel supplies

Eco PureTech Trading x Hotel Supplies

The company provides hotel supplies and they are also open for personalized hotel toiletries and the like. Aside from the containers, the contents made for body wash, bath gel, liquid hand soap and other cleaning products are eco-friendly making it really safe for the environment and so as to the people. What I have learned from them as well is that the tubes used for their products are biodegradable plastics. These special tubes were made from cornstarch plastic which makes it definitely 100% eco-friendly.

And guess what? Some of their clients were known establishments in the city and so as the country such as Limketkai Luxe Hotel, Shell (gas station), Toyota, and VJ Andep – the maker of known pastel bread! Yes, that’s right. It is something that can make us proud as a Filipino indeed. Who would have thought that the country is now creating our very own instead of patronizing imported ones?!

Learn more about Eco PureTech Trading by visiting their FB page, CDO Amenities Supplies.

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