RA 9255: The Process on How to Change the Surname of a Child to His Father’s

RA 9255

Since my kids are bringing my surname instead of their father’s and since recently, I had talked with their dad, I thought of searching how it is to change a child’s surname to their dad’s and good thing here in the Philippines, it has been revised and there is no need to go to court to file for whatsoever it is before.

Good thing that we have this RA 9255, an act allowing illegitimate children to use the surname of their father.

Since this act is quite long, I just want to make this short instead, a summary, perhaps. So here are the things you needed should you want to decide to change your child’s surname from the mother’s to father’s.

If the child is underage, the mother and the father should process the following as per RA 9255:

  • NSO Birth Certificate (secure original copy and photocopy of it) (in case Certificate of Live Birth isn’t available)
  • Affidavit of Admission of Paternity
  • Private Handwritten Instrument
  • Affidavit to Use the Surname of the Father
  • 2 Valid IDs of both parents – secure a photocopy or two for each ID (government IDs are preferred)
  • Php1200 (processing fee)

In case the father is deceased; the mother can solely file for the process provided that supporting documents are presented. On the other hand, should the child is of his legal age; he or she may file for the process.

Except for the 2 Valid IDs, NSO BC, and Php1200 processing fee, the rest will only be processed at LCRO of the place of birth (Local Civil Registry Office). In our case, since I gave birth in Cebu City, I will need to process it at Cebu City Civil Registrar. In case you gave birth to the same city, you may call them at +6332-232-6664 for further details during business hours. The filing usually takes a day provided that you have the complete documents needed.

For further details about this act, you can check here.

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