Moms Day Out – The Importance of Balanced Motherhood


Taking care of our family is always part of our daily routine the moment we become a mom. But that doesn’t mean that we should stop taking care of ourselves too. This is what I’ve learned during the Moms Day Out event courtesy of Sun Life team last July 29, 2017. The event was full of informative talk most especially when it comes to the motherhood topic.

Before I go into the detail of sharing you what we’ve tackled about, I would like to personally thank the Sun Life team for treating us an hour massage at The Spa. Yes, it was indeed a Moms Day Out! Now, I understood why it was exclusive for mommies only and no kids for that day. It was worth the event indeed since aside from the treat, I got also meet other mommy bloggers!

The Event  

During the event, we’ve met 2 different speakers who have different topics to discuss. The event started with Michele Alignay who talked about Balancing Motherhood. The discussion was full of insight particularly by how we should give importance to ourselves even if our top priority is our family.

There are so many things we are guilty of and part of it is investing something for ourselves. What I’ve learned during the event is that we need to unwind sometimes and that we shouldn’t be guilty of loving ourselves too. By keeping everything in balance that includes loving yourself, you get to give more to the people surrounding you.


One of the quotes being shared by Michele that caught my attention is this: “We worry how our life will be tomorrow, yet we forget we are someone today.” It’s something most of us moms are guilty of. Like, what matters to us is tomorrow and the other people that we tend to forget about us and today. And that, what Miss Alignay wanted to share is that we should learn to balance our duty as a mom and being the person we are to ourselves, at the same time. If you want a balanced life, we should start it to ourselves. As the saying goes, “a well-balanced mom has more to give to her family.” We may be considered as the Masters of Multitasking but we should not forget that we are also a MOM (master of myself).

Aside from the topic about balanced motherhood, the event talked about Financial Freedom as well and how it helps moms secure and prepare their kids’ future. It was Rosario Rivera who delivered the topic about the financial talk. There, she discussed the different types of person who spend their income and at the same time, how essential it is to start saving today.

Saving effectively doesn’t require any plans or whatsoever. In fact, you just need a formula! All you just need to remember is that from your income deduct a portion you want to put on your savings. And the rest will be the money intended for expenses. To make it sure, it should be income-savings=expenses. Yes, that simple!

MyFuture Fund

Well, of course, we want to secure our savings too. And this is what Sun Life wants for us too as to why they’ve come up with the MyFuture Fund. It is an exclusive fund option for policy holders of Sun Life. To learn more about it, you can visit Sun Life’s official site at or you can follow them on their official social media pages at and IG:

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